Buckwell + Partners

Has an architectural history spanning 5 decades. Founder, Peter Buckwell began his career in the field of architecture in the 1960s and was an early advocate of environmentally sustainable buildings. Since the 1970s Peter has been incorporating measurable passive solar design strategies in buildings up to the present day. 

Through his exploratory work, Peter has built houses that use clever design to navigate the threat of bush fire, generate energy, conserve heating, and cooling. Buildings incorporate sustainable, locally sourced and recycled materials that blend houses with their site.

In 2010 his son Justin joined the firm and together Peter and Justin refine the practice of well-designed, environmentally sustainable houses. The most recent project delivered in 2020 is an environmentally conscious family home. Located on the West side of the ecologically sensitive Pearl Beach Lagoon. The house is a state of the art passive solar house that generates electricity, uses recycled materials and reveals the natural beauty of the environment around it. 

Architectural Awards

Institute of Architecture Awards 2020
// Winner – Regional Residential Architectural Award
// Winner – Timber Award
// Winner – Peoples Choice Award

Building Awards

Master Builders Association 2020
// Winner – Best use of glass